Who is izzyQ. ?

Isabella Quack is a contemporary symbolic figurative artist from Germany.

She was born on June 30th 1991 in Günzburg, Bavaria. At the age of five she discovered her passion for drawing. As a ten-year-old, she received her first set of oil paint which soon turned out to be her favorite medium of art.

Isabella attended High School from 2001-2010. During this period of time she spent one year abroad, in the United States (2007/2008). A year that had a great impact on her artistic development where she got to work on several theatre projects practicing stage design.

Furthermore, she gathered experience in the field of welding and wood work and received the senior class art award at her graduation.

In the summer of 2008 she got to know the french sculptor and artist Gustav Schubotz at one of his advanced training courses. He woke her interest in sculptures.

In 2009 she had her first local group exhibition which was followed by a single exhibition in the city hall of her home town.

Since October 2010, Isabella is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Since April 2012 Isabella is a student in the class of Prof. Herbert Brandl

In June 2014 she became one of his honor students.

On the 2nd of February 2015 she received her diploma in fine arts in line with her final exhibition "The In-between".

Since June 2015 Isabella is pursuing a second degree in the United States. She underwent a 16 month program in Special Makeup Effects at Douglas Education Center, under the direction of world-renowned make up artist, actor and director Tom Savini.

Her graduation took place on September 21rst 2016.

Afterwards she returned to her hometown in the south of Germany where she is currently working as a freelance artist and special effects makeup artist.